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Minimize Travel Luggage: 5 things to do WITHOUT

Minimize Travel Luggage: 5 things to do WITHOUT

When I first left to go overseas, I sold or donated all my belongings, departing with a suitcase and skateboard under my arm. Ever since, I can’t help but de-clutter and minimize travel luggage every time I go abroad.

Minimize Travel Luggage

Next stop Canada and this time I’m only taking a carry-on backpack.

You’ve probably heard of minimalist travel packing, right?. Incredible feats of travellers minimizing their whole life’s belongings into a tiny backpack they sling over their shoulder and travel with a carry-on lifestyle. That’s pretty brutal if you’re new to the game. Ever tried packing your entire life into a carry-on bag, it’s exhaustingly tough. Anyway, minimalism isn’t an on and off switch. You don’t have to start with the extreme. I first went overseas with a suitcase. Several trips later I just take a backpack. Simply de-cluttering the non-essentials is a great way to take a step toward minimalist travel.

You know what things you certainly need, but here’s a quick list of 5 things to do WITHOUT to progress towards your minimalist travel lifestyle.

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