About Purposize

About Purposize

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Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Ben McMillan, I’m an Aussie born, quarter Japanese, traveler, designer, recovering architect, adventurer, snowboarder, climber and whenever I’m not one of these things, I’m a sloth.

A few years ago I started a degree in Architecture. This was right after finishing high school and I graduated no sooner than 3 fast-tracked years later. What meant to feel like a huge accomplishment actually left me feeling pretty empty looking at my future ahead. My purpose felt hazy and convoluted.

During my studies since, one thing that hooked me in life was travel. Over these few years, I visited 12 or so countries in Asia. But my travel was not your typical kind of holiday. Not flying into Denpasar, Bali wearing a Bintang tank top and getting loose for a week. Rather student exchanges, international conferences, cultural exchanges and internships. I was trying to grow through self-development while absorbing culture around me. This felt purposeful to me.


Come 2015 I donated, recycled or gave away all my possessions and took a single suitcase over to Japan and haven’t looked back. I started long-term travels in different countries, months at a time. Sometimes I’d be freelancing in Japan, designing scale furniture for Japanese anime dolls, or in China working for a boss who believed water park-mall-cinema-hotel-rooftop zoos were the next big thing.

I also started to realize that living with fewer things enabled me to travel easier and live life fuller. So I packed my life into a carry-on size backpack. Life became so much more purposeful. Travel gives me the freedom to be endless and take with me only what gives me value.

Every new place I travel to is a blessing, and my eyes become more and more open to simple living, simple needs and an extreme desire to grow myself through each experience.

I hope you too can gain something from being on this journey too.

Welcome to purposize.



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